Robbers' Roost Expansion

Robbers' Roost BANG! Expansion

News (11/16/11): New guidebook added with new rules, explanations, examples, and methods of production explanations. Slight tweeks made to some characters and playing cards. The 8.5" x 11" card sheets have been updated and uploaded with these changes.

(9/21/11): Updated the 8.5" x 11" card sheets. They now include the new purple cards, and the latest adjustments to the playing and character cards. For a list of changes, go here. However, the Guidebook is not yet updated to include the new rules for the purple cards, as well as note the adjustments to the playing and character cards. Expect that soon. Besides that, I have heavily updated this site to match current RR information.

Robbers' Roost is available for download now (as of April 26, 2011). At the moment, this custom expansion is only available in the English language. I hope to have translations for Robbers' Roost done, just as there are translations of Death Mesa being worked on at the moment in different languages. You should download the Guidebook first and then download the PDF cardsheets. To produce the cards, read the "Two Methods of Production" section in the Guidebook. Download the Robbers' Roost (Alpha Version) in parts:

About Robbers' Roost

Robbers' Roost is an unofficial expansion to BANG! the card game, designed by Martin Pulido. Robbers' Roost is a comparable expansion to Dodge City. Besides adding 16 new characters, it also adds 72 more playing cards to BANG!. This addition includes:

  • New Orange Cards. Unlike most other cards in BANG!,orange cards can never be played on your turn. Instead, they are played at or during events on other players’ turns, as specified on each orange card. Most orange cards are designed to enhance teamplay (Deputies with the Sheriff, Outlaws amongst each other, and the Renegade with whatever group he chooses), as they only occasionally help you directly. They are also designed to speed up the game, and make you more involved in the game when it is not your turn. Thus, orange cards allow players to do actions like these: back up another player when he shoots at someone, push a player out of harm's way when he is shot at (or dive and take a hit for him), confiscate a card in play in front of a player for a round, give a card from your hand to another player, shoot at a player when he shoots at someone else, add/remove distance modifiers to another player, taunt another player which forces him to shoot at you if he can, and so forth.

    Orange-bordered Card
    Orange cards are placed face down in front of you whenever they are acquired. You may look at them whenever you wish, but they are not for the eyes of other players. When you use orange cards at the appropriate events, flip the card over and do as it specifies. There is a “grace period” when orange cards are played. As long as they are played in a timely manner, they count. If orange cards are laid quickly in succession of one another, treat them as simultaneous. Thus, if 1 orange card is contrary to another, they are nullified. However, if the orange cards are the same, temporality dictates the order and validity of the cards.

    While the orange cards function in the above specified way at the beginning of the game, some of them change when the game reduces to 2 players or your team is eliminated. Orange cards that are designed to solely help team mates provide an option to function as different cards in these situations. Their optional function is specified in the bottom right hand corner of the card. They are placed face down like usual, but these optional functions can only be used on your turn. Altered play is activated for the following: for an Outlaw when he is the last of his team remaining; for a Sheriff when there are no Deputies or Renegades remaining; for Renegades, Sheriffs, and Outlaws when there are only 2 players remaining. Finally, the addition of orange cards also affects card limits. Every player is allowed 1 extra card to their limit, as long as that 1 card is orange. After this card, all orange cards contribute to your limit.

  • New Purple Cards. As with green and blue cards, purple cards are played in front of you. However, when played they have an immediate effect, and at the beginning of your next turn they have a latent effect (this cannot be stored up for use as with the green card). Afterwards, they are discarded. To help distinguish the color of the card, I made the top left and bottom right corners be a darker hue of purple than the other quadrants.

    Examples of Purple Cards in Robbers' Roost

    The pocket watch symbol in the middle of many of the card descriptions separates the initial effect (on top) from the latent effect (on bottom). This design style is similar to Dodge City's 2 effect cards (like Dodge), which had a symbol separate 1 effect from another.
  • Various other New Cards. Many other cards are added in Robbers' Roost to introduce more fun into BANG!. There are Gatling and Shotgun weapons, and attack cards that shoot within a "line of fire" for instance.
  • Old Cards for Balancing. To make sure that Robbers' Roost integrates well into BANG! and its expansions, several old cards from the original game have been added to balance out the probabilities of drawing different card types. Card values have also been carefully assigned, considering how they affect "draws!" and character abilities. Finally, Robbers' Roost has been divided into 2 separate modules. The "orange module," identified by the horseshoe icons in the top right corners, can be played with separately with BANG!/Dodge City without any noticeable imbalance. One can do likewise with the "purple module," identified by the ox skull icons in the top right corners. This way, if a player does not enjoy either the purple or the orange cards, he can play with one of the modules without any disruption to BANG!. Of course, the orange and purple modules can be played with collectively.

Robbers' Roost Guidebook

Robbers' Roost BANG! Guidebook

The Robbers' Roost Guidebook provides detailed explanation of the new orange cards, new symbols and rules, and card by card explanations. It also gives instructions on how to print the cards off yourself. Download the Guidebook. The guidebook has been recently revised and is now up to date!

Orange Cards

DiveDive. When a player you see within distance 2 is going to take a hit, play Dive to take the hit for him. Draw a card from the deck. Audible: Dodge.ConfiscateConfiscate. Play during a player’s draw phase to move 1 card he has in play to be in play in front of you. If possible, return the card when your next turn ends.BandageBandage. Discard another card to play. Increase an other player’s life points by 1. Audible: Beer.Back UpBack Up. When another player uses a card or ability to avoid an attack aimed at himself, you may play this card to fire a BANG! at that player if he is in range. Audible: BANG!.
AmbushAmbush. When a player attacks someone besides yourself, play this card to bang! the attacker.PushPush. When a player seen within distance 2 is about to take a hit, you may play this card to push him out of harm’s way. Audible: Missed!.BroncoBronco. Play this card in front of any player to increase the distance by which he is seen by 1. Any player may discard 2 cards during his turn to remove Bronco.Join ArmsJoin Arms. When a player fires a BANG!, play this card and discard another to shoot a BANG! at his target if he is in range. If you kill that player, split the potential spoils: both draw 2 cards. Audible: BANG!.
Hit MeHit Me. Play this card on a player’s draw phase to have him draw 1 more card. You also draw a card. NOTE: Playing Hit Me activates Wild West Show event cards. Audible: Stagecoach.Gaping WoundGaping Wound. When another player takes a hit play this card to make him “draw!” On royals, he loses another life point. Audible: BANG!.Stand OffStand Off. Join a side when a Duel is played. Either you or your ally can discard a BANG! to return fire. Each member of the losing side takes a hit when the Duel ends. Audible: Duel.RobRob. Steal a card from a player's hand.
Track DownTrack Down. Play on top of a player’s Mustang, Hideout, or other defensive sight modifier. Its effect is negated until that player discards 2 cards during his turn to remove Track Down.Quick DrawQuick Draw. Play after a player uses a card. Unless he discards a BANG!, he must place the card sideways in front of him and cannot use it until his next turn. It does contribute to his card limit.TossToss. Give any card that you have in play or in your hand to a player seen within distance 2. Audible: Panic!, Cat Balou.TauntTaunt. Force the player whose turn it is to attack you if he can. Audible: Missed!.

Purple Cards

Warpath. Initial: Discard another card to play. A target player must discard a BANG! or lose 1 life point. Latent: All other players must discard a BANG! or lose 1 life point.
On the House
On the House. Initial: Gain a life point. Latent: All other players gain a life point.
Pay Day
Pay Day. Initial: Draw 2 cards. Latent: All other players draw 2 cards. NOTE: Playing this card activates Wild West Show event cards.
Q and A
Q and A. Initial: Provides a missed!. Latent: Your attacker is banged!.
Show Time
Show Time. Initial: Discard a card from a player seen at distance 1. Latent: Draw a card.
Disarm. Initial: Provides a missed!. Latent: Discard a card from your attacker.
Fur Trade
Fur Trade. Initial: Swap a card in play in front of you for a card in play in front of another. Latent: Both of you draw 1 card.
Loan. Initial: Give a card from your hand to another player. Latent: Take 2 cards from that player's hand.
Molotov Cocktail
Molotov Cocktail. Initial: Gain a life point. Latent: Bang! a player seen at distance 1.
Moonshine. Initial: Lose a life point. Latent: Gain 2 life points and draw a card.
TomahawkTomahawk. Initial: Bang! a player seen at distance 1. Latent: The initial target must discard a BANG! or a card in play if possible.Investment
Investment. Initial: Discard a card from your hand. Latent: Draw 3 cards.

New Green Card

ArtilleryArtillery. Bang! all players within a line of fire.

New Blue Cards

BulldogBulldog. 2 Range. You may discard a BANG! and another card to Gatling.James DougallJames Dougall. 2 Range.If you discard a card when playing a BANG!, your target needs 2 missed! to avoid the hit.

New Brown Card

Cannon. Bang! all players within a line of fire.

Robber's Roost Characters

Robber's Roost includes 16 new characters, and maintains the balance between the ratio of offensive to neutral to defensive character bases.

Flint DixonFlint Dixon. 4 Health. Whenever Flint plays a BANG!, he chooses whether his target must discard a BANG! or a missed! to avoid it. Barrel still may be utilized to avoid his shot.Josey BassettJosey Bassett. 4 Health. If Josey does not play any cards during her turn, she can draw 2 extra cards at the end of her playing phase. She can always hold as many cards in her hand as her max health.Job MusgroveJob Musgrove. 4 Health. Anytime he is attacked, he may “draw!” On royals, discard a card from the hand of his attacker.Pat BarrettPat Barrett. 4 Health. Whenever a card is played or used against Pat, and resolved, he may immediately discard a card of the same color to draw that card from the discard pile.
Johnny PopeJohnny Pope. 4 Health. Once per turn, he may lose a life point and either give it to a player or make a player “draw!” On reds, Johnny steals a card from him. On blacks, that player must use 2 cards with missed symbols or lose a life point.Crazy WolfCrazy Wolf. 3 Health. When attacked he may discard a card from his hand to avoid the hit. Add the value of the card played against him with the value of the card he discards. If this value is greater or equal to 13, it counts as a Missed!; 17, a Dodge; 20, a Missed! and a BANG! against his attacker.Julie Bulette Julie Bulette. 4 Health. Once on her turn, Julie may discard a card that she has in play or in her hand to draw a card. If it is a diamond, she may do so again, but Julie must show the card as proof.Porter Rockwall Porter Rockwall. 4 Health. He may discard 2 cards to produce a defensive or offensive BANG! directed at any player, regardless of distance. When he creates an offensive BANG!, it does contribute to his BANG! limit.
Anne Rogers Anne Rogers. 4 Health. At the start of her turn, Anne can copy the effect of a blue card in front of another player, so that it is as if she possesses its benefit. At the start of her next turn, this benefit disappears.Lela DevereLela Devere. 4 Health. Whenever she would hit a player (except with Indians!), Lela may choose to steal a card from that player instead. The card may either be in that player’s hand or in play.Queen Anne Queen Anne. 4 Health. She may discard a BANG! with another card to discard a card from any player at distance 2. Maggie MaeMaggie Mae. 4 Health. If the second card she draws is royal, Maggie may swap a card in play in front of her for a card in play in front of another player. Maggie must show that the second card she drew was royal immediately if she wishes to use this ability.
Lil Sure Shot Lil' Sure Shot. 4 Health. She carries 2 guns by default (2 Colt .45), and can fire both on her turn. She can play 2 gun cards, even if they are duplicates. Once she has 2 gun cards in play, only 1 BANG! is needed to fire both.Eva PlaceEva Place. 4 Health. She may lay a trap once on her turn: put a brown or green card face down in front of Eva and turn it sideways. If a player acts against Eva, she must flip a trap over and the card immediately affects that player. She may have 2 traps out, but only 1 trap activates at a time, her choice.Turd Ferguson Turd Ferguson. 3 Health. Once per round, Turd has a free Missed! that does not add to his card limit. Turn Turd sideways to indicate when he has this Missed! When it is used, turn him back to the normal vertical position. These Missed! do not stockpile.Laura BillionLaura Billion. 3 Health. After she uses a green or brown card, or her purple card expires, place the card in a stack in front of her. At the end of her turn, she bids on a color: red or black. “Draw!” If correct, she selects 2 and draws them into her hand at her next drawing phase.