BANG! Character Strategy Guides


Original Game Characters

Dodge City Characters

Promotional Characters (Included in the Bullet)

Wild West Show Characters

Gold Rush Characters

Don Bell
Dutch Will
Jacky Murieta
Josh McCloud
Madam Yto
Pretty Luzena
Raddie Snake
Simeon Picos

Valley of Shadows Characters

Colorado Bill
Evelyn Sheebang
Henry Block
Lemonade Jim
Black Flower
Der Spot-Burst Ringer
Mick Defender
Tuco Franziskaner

Armed & Dangerous Characters

Al Preacher
Bass Greeves
Frankie Canton
Mexicali Kid
Red Ringo

Robbers' Roost Characters

Crazy Bull
Eva Place
Flint Dixon
Job Musgrove
Josey Bassett
Julie Bulette
Johnny Pope
Bill Hickmen
Laura Billion
Lela Devere
Lil Sure Shot
Maggie Mae
Porter Rockwall
Queen Anne
Anne Rogers
Turd Ferguson